2020-2021 Season
Dear Friends,

We're BACH!

We are delighted to offer you a full season of live performances, in collaboration with two great venues: Zion Lutheran Church, and the Aldredge House on Swiss Avenue, an historic mansion now home to the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance and Foundation.

We understand how much the social aspect is an important part of your overall concert experience, but everything will be geared to safety while preserving as much concert enjoyment as possible for our patrons. In order to safeguard you, our Dallas Bach family, we will observe all Covid restrictions. This will result in far fewer places for live audience. Safety first! This may also include concerts without intermission in the first part of our season.

Of course our guiding light here is our devotion to music as an art form of the moment – even unrecorded, a great performance remains with us as a part of our existence as human beings, often for a very long time. Performance is a give and take between artist(s) and public; ask any recording artist how hard it is to get the same feeling of excitement when playing only for microphones - thank heaven there is at least the recording engineer whose ears we play for!

We are able to do this season because we are a small organization with a lot of flexibility. Although for me personally vocal music is the sine qua non of the Baroque, we will adjust for the time being to a menu with far less vocal music, as this seems to be the most dangerous for contagion. String players can play masked, for sure, but now we hear of masks for singers! We shall investigate these thoroughly!

All concerts will be made available virtually, either by live-streaming or video link, for regular ticket price with your own private access. We will live-stream Messiah and New Year’s Eve, as these are occasions as well as just concerts.


Our popular pre-concert talks which I give before each concert will continue, and will be part of each video link.

Once again, here is the complete schedule – please join us for the season, in either a live or a virtual context. The performances will all be live and new, as the ongoing study and love for the music shared by our artists will proceed apace. Serious music needs your support as never before – is it really possible that Columbia Artists Management just closed its doors? It’s up to all of us to keep the flame alive!

Best regards,
james signature sm.png

James Richman,

Artistic Director

jackie signature sm.png

Jackie Lengfelder,

Executive Director