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2022-2023 Season
Dear Friends,

Welcome to the new season of great music from our favorite period.

We have something new for you, which we hope you will enjoy greatly –  a different kind of evening, combining great musical art with other period art forms to give you a bigger picture of the aesthetic and emotional pleasures to be enjoyed, as though you were spending time in another world. We’re calling these Grand Immersive Experiences, and our aim is to go beyond the usual concert format.

In November we will have a madrigal dinner in the English style, but adding actors to relate to our music with their art. And maybe a glass or two of mead won’t be out of place! In February we will channel Venice at Carnival time, with commedia dell’arte, dance, music, opera, and of course great food.  But we take no responsibility for whatever you do behind those masks….!

Of course we will once again bring you Messiah, this year in the original version as Handel had it before he rewrote parts of it for visiting virtuoso singers. His original inspirations are quite beautiful, and the new edition by Malcolm Bruno, our virtuoso recording engineer, for Breitkopf Editions, would certainly best be recorded as well, don’t you think!

We’ll have Bach’s Easter Oratorio and Magnificat in the spring, the Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at New Years, and three lovely and intimate Fridays for our Aldredge and House Concerts. And our postponed New Years show from last year will be presented in September to get things underway. Your tickets are still good, and anybody who subscribes to the new season gets a free one in addition.

Your season subscription is always a bargain, but this year, with the two catered multimedia shows it becomes an absolute steal! Please take advantage of this; when we sell more tickets this way we avoid having to pay for lots of advertising, to say nothing of building our community.

It is with great sadness that we wish Jackie the best of luck in her new job, and we are delighted to welcome Nina Polachek, who you may have already met helping Jackie, as our new Executive Director.

Promising all our best efforts to delight you with great music, now more than ever, we remain

Yours truly,
james signature sm.png
James Richman
Signature - Nina sm.png
Nina Polachek
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